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able audio equipment rental terms & conditions

*By using this website or any services provided by ABLE AUDIO LLC you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed here.


Term of the Lease ~ Equipment rentals (also referred to as Lease) commence on the date the equipment leaves ABLE AUDIO's control and continues until the equipment is returned, unless otherwise agreed in writing by ABLE AUDIO, to ABLE AUDIO's location from which the rental originated. All equipment shall be returned in the same condition as when delivered to the customer.  If the equipment is returned in an unusable condition, the rental shall continue until ABLE AUDIO is able to restore the equipment to a usable-rentable condition.  All items remain the property of ABLE AUDIO and under no circumstance shall title pass to the customer. All rented equipment is subject to sale to other parties at any time. If the equipment is sold, ABLE AUDIO may elect to trade the rental piece with a comparable unit at no additional expense to the customer.

Rental Fees ~ Rental fees vary with the value of the equipment and the terms of the rental.  Prices given are for the time listed and terms listed with this rental agreement.  Additional time will be charged at a rate of $100 per hour.   If a sound tech or Dj is necessary additional fees will be required.  If upon the scheduled setup time frame we are delayed with set up more than 30 minutes for any reason other than our own a fee of $50 per hour per worker will be assessed to the renter.

Reservations & Payment ~ Reservations are not guaranteed until the non-refundable deposit and signed rental agreement are received by ABLE AUDIO.  Payments are accepted via cash, check, money order, credit card and via  A non-refundable deposit is due prior to reservation confirmation.  If paying by check, any remaining balance must be received at least 10 business days prior to event.  Checks returned NSF will be charged a $35 fee.  DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  All rental fees are to be paid in advance, unless a charge account has been established with us.  If a security deposit is required customer can pay via credit card or cash.  Deposits will be refunded after equipment has been returned and verified to be in working order by ABLE AUDIO.  Rental charges are earned in advance and are due regardless of actual equipment use, breakdown, downtime or acts of nature (including without limitation rain, snow, etc).  A late payment charge equivalent to 10% per month will be imposed on any past due balances.   Payments, when made, shall apply first to accrued late or delinquency charges and the remainder shall apply to the rentals due hereunder.

Cancellations ~ Notice of cancellation must be submitted at least fifteen (15) working days in advance of event.  Failure to do so will result in a charge for the full rental fee.  Cancellations made prior to fifteen (15) working days are accepted for cancellation (Deposits are non-refundable). Weekends & holidays are not considered working days.

Equipment Pick Up & Return ~ If the renter is picking up and maintaining the equipment the renter is required to show a valid government issued  I.D. upon pick up with a security deposit based on the value of the equipment being leased.  At the time of drop off, if the equipment is not cleaned or cables are not neatly coiled, the renter will be charged labor costs determined by ABLE AUDIO for the cleaning or organizing of the equipment with a $25 minimum.  If the equipment is not returned within the agreed upon time frame renter agrees to pay full rental rates for each day the equipment is late.

Renter’s Responsibility ~ It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that all ordinances, laws and regulations are being followed and that the venue is a secure legal location.  It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that suitable security is in place from arrival to departure.  Renter is responsible for any theft or damage to the equipment.  This responsibility begins when the renter takes possession of the equipment (upon delivery by Able Audio or when picked up by customer)  and ends when it is returned/picked up and inspected by an ABLE AUDIO representative.  If any damage or theft occurs while in the Renter’s possession Renter agrees to pay full market value of the equipment in question.  Renter is responsible for the actions of the event attendees and is liable for any damage to the equipment or personal injury that may occur.

Identification ~ A valid current drivers license or other government issued picture ID, (such as a Military ID card or Louisiana ID card) along with positive proof of address and phone number are required for all rentals. Customers who will be maintaining equipment may be asked to leave a security deposit. This deposit amount will vary depending on the item being rented. A local job site address and phone number will also be required.

Equipment Breakdowns ~ We strive to keep our equipment in top working order at all time. 'Murphy's Law' however says that problems sometimes can and will occur. If you ever have any problems or questions about the items that you rent, please call us right away. Many problems can be solved over the phone. In some cases we may be able to provide a replacement or substitute item.  Depending on your circumstances replacement may not be a viable option to be determined by ABLE AUDIO.

Extending the length of your rental ~ If you rent an item, and are unable to return it at your scheduled time, please call us as soon as you realize you will need it longer. Since we accept reservations, some items may already be booked for someone else.  If ABLE AUDIO is waiting to break down the equipment a minimum of $100 per hour extra will be billed to the customer.  Depending on your circumstances you may be liable for an additional days rental fees to be determined by ABLE AUDIO.

Outside Events & Weather ~ If the event is outdoors the customer is responsible to make sure that the equipment will be in a safe and dry location.  In the event of bad weather that may damage the equipment or create an unsafe environment the customer is required to provide a safe and dry location for the equipment.  If on the day of the event ABLE AUDIO does not feel comfortable with the accommodations provided ABLE AUDIO has the right to cancel the rental and the customer is responsible for all rental fees.

Use & Maintenance of Equipment; Inspection; Repairs ~ The customer will use the equipment in the regular course of its business and only for the purpose intended, within equipment’s rated capacity, in a safe manner, and in accordance with all federal, state, local and foreign laws and regulations. The customer also agrees to use and maintain the equipment in accordance with the operator’s manual accompanying the equipment (in the event such manual is provided) and any and all instructions communicated by ABLE AUDIO to the customer. The customer shall not make any modification, alternation or addition to the equipment without ABLE AUDIO's prior written consent. The customer will keep the equipment in good operating condition and appearance, and return the equipment to ABLE AUDIO in as good a condition as when received. THE CUSTOMER IS SOLEY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL REPAIRS AND DAMAGE TO THE EQUIPMENT MADE NECESSARY BY ITS USE OF THE EQUIPMENT. The customer will furnish all labor, parts, mechanisms and devices required to maintain and repair the equipment, at customer's sole expense, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties. The customer will purchase all repair parts and such parts will be Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”). If ABLE AUDIO has to replace non-OEM repair parts installed by the customer, all related costs will be at the customer’s sole expense. Cosmetic damage fees will be determined by the severity of the damage inflicted.

Who May Operate The Equipment ~ Only the customer, the customer’s employees, or non-employees approved by the customer in writing may operate the equipment. All operators must be at least 18 years old and be properly qualified to operate the equipment. Use of the equipment by a non-authorized operator will be at customer’s sole risk.  If equipment is being operated by other than an ABLE AUDIO employee the renter is responsible for ALL damage caused to the equipment regardless of who is operating the equipment.

Equipment Damage ~ The customer shall bear the entire risk of loss, damage, destruction or theft of the equipment from ALL causes whatsoever, including acts of God, whether or not due to the fault of the customer, during the term of the Lease and thereafter until returned to ABLE AUDIO. In the event of loss, damage or destruction of any item of equipment, the customer, at its sole expense, and at ABLE AUDIO's option, shall (a) repair the equipment, returning it to its previous condition, unless damaged beyond repair, (b) pay ABLE AUDIO's cost to repair the equipment (in the case of damage) or (c) pay the full replacement cost of the equipment (in the case of loss or destruction).  The  intentional dropping of microphones will be billed at a minimum of $75 per instance.  The full replacement cost of the microphone may be required at ABLE AUDIO's discretion. Customers who return damaged equipment will continue to be billed at the specified rental rate until the equipment is fully repaired / replaced and returned to a rentable condition.

Sale of Equipment ~ All equipment remains the property of ABLE AUDIO and is subject to sale to other parties at any time unless the customer has executed an agreement to purchase the equipment from ABLE AUDIO.  ABLE AUDIO’S RENTAL AGREEMENTS DOES NOT PROVIDE THE CUSTOMER WITH AN OPTION TO PURCHASE THE EQUIPMENT. Any sales agreement for the equipment must be separately agreed upon in writing by both parties. If ABLE AUDIO agrees to sell the equipment to the customer, a portion or none of the previously paid rental charges may be applied towards the purchase price of the equipment. The customer should contact his sales representative for full details on ABLE AUDIO's existing policies regarding the purchase of rental equipment.
Severability ~  You agree that should a court of competent jurisdiction determine and declare that any portion of this contract is void, void able, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions, whether executed prior or subsequent* to the rental, shall remain in full force and effect. 

Additional TermsABLE AUDIO requires a minimum of two hours of set up and break down time before and after the event.  It is the renter's responsibility that the area be available during these times.  Shorter setup / breakdown times usually require additional sound techs on-site with an added fee.  If ABLE AUDIO is not able to collect their gear at the agreed upon end time the renter agrees to pay an additional days rental fee until the gear can be recovered.  Unless otherwise noted, all rentals are for personal use only; equipment may not be sub-rented.  No part of this document may be crossed out or modified.  This Agreement is guided by and governed by the laws of the State of Louisiana and Orleans Parish shall be the place of jurisdiction.  This Agreement is the complete  understanding between the parties and supersedes and replaces all previous agreements both written and oral.  Terms subject to change without notice.



*By using this website or any services provided by ABLE AUDIO LLC you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed here.

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